Are All Live Baccarat Games The Same?

One of the most popular and widely spread games, live baccarat, was no doubt one of the first games offered by online casinos in live dealer format. It’s also a great fit for live gaming as it’s a natural ‘one-to-many’ game where a single deal on a single table allows many online players to play at the same time, as that you are still betting against yourself(or we call it probability in math) in a live baccarat game.

What are the different rule variations?

Most providers and casinos offer standard Punto Banco baccarat on single-player and/or multi-seat tables (an aesthetic difference only, as single seat tables are still played by multiple players).

For the most part, these tables will offer standard returns for Banker (0.95:1), Player (1:1) and Tie bets (8:1).

A number also offer a few variations including No Commission and Super 6 Baccarat to name a few, with a slightly different payout structure. Various side-bet options are also offered depending on the table you are playing.

What are the different deal types?

Different deal types are now also offered: speed deal, regular deal, dealer controlled card squeeze or player controlled cards squeeze (select ‘card peek’ below to view these tables). The major providers have gone to great lengths to ensure all player preferences are now catered for.

No matter which variation you choose, live baccarat is a very simple game to play with little strategy needed (aside from selecting the correct starting bet). Bet Player, Banker or Tie (or your chosen side-bet) and the dealer does the rest.

Key to sort-able live online baccarat gallery

  • card peek : these games allow the highest staking player (per Banker, Player position) to peek at that position before other players see the cards.
  • dragon bonus : Dragon Bonus side bets offered
  • egalite : sidebets on value of Tie offered
  • high roller : high limits and/or card peek offered
  • in-running : In-running side bets offered (during deal)
  • no commission: Banker win pays 1:1, unless Banker wins on 6, then 0.5:1
  • pairs : Pairs or Big/Small side bets offered
  • progressive : Progressive jackpot side bet available
  • standard : Player (1 to1), Banker (0.95 to 1), Tie (8 to 1) bets offered
  • super 6 : Super6 (Punto2000) bets offered (Banker pays 1 to 1 unless Banker wins with score of 6, then pays 0.5 to 1) and super 6 side bet