Live Baccarat-Play with Amazing Real Human Dealer Now!

Live baccarat is one of the types of online baccarat, as it also needs electronic devices and Internet to play. The most special feature is that live baccarat comes with a real human dealer instead of RNG, while not every online baccarat has one. The dealer will do all the stuff for you, and all you need to do is watch the screen and click to bet or decide to add on or not.

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How does Live Baccarat work?

How to start playing live baccarat?

Where to play live baccarat?

How to Choose live baccarat?

Online/Live Baccarat, which is better?

How does Live Baccarat online work?

The reason why it is called live baccarat online is that the game is going in real time. That is to say, the dealer and the player might be in different places, but they are in the game simultaneously. The way been played of live baccarat is different from classic baccarat in real casinos.

Generally, the steps of live baccarat are below.

  1. You place a bet on either banker or player.
  2. The human dealer deals.
  3. You receive or lose your stake by the digital system of that online casino.

And if you keep playing for more rounds, the same process goes on and on. Since the baccarat rules are simple, even if you are not in a real casino it’s still an easy thing for you.

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How to start playing live baccarat?

There is another feature of live baccarat that is different from digital online baccarat, is that live baccarat is always played with real cash. You have to deposit then you’re verified to join the online gambling. Therefore, live baccarat always exists in online casinos which are built with serious banking policy, so that your money will be safe and your players’ experience will be taken care of.

Here are the steps that you can follow to start playing live baccarat.

  1. Choose an online casino
  2. Register and Deposit
  3. Log in your account and join a virtual gaming lobby
  4. Start playing live baccarat and winning money

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Where can I find a place to play live baccarat online?

Usually, the live baccarat is a standard and classic card game in any casino or online casino. It’s hard to NOT find a casino without baccarat. Many online casinos offer lots of online baccarat live games with excellent user experience and professional croupiers, and the most important– the deposit bonus and random jackpot for you to get extra big money or free bets.

Plus, if you are also a fan of cricket online betting, you might find there are lots of online games in your bookmakers. Some of the bookmakers even offer a common wallet for your cricket betting account and online gaming account.

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How to Choose live baccarat?

Not all of the live baccarat are in the same conditions, while the quality of service might be at a different level sometimes. Here are several conditions that you can take as your checklist when you are selecting your live baccarat.


Some human dealers make mistakes when they’re dealing the card, so it’s important to check the quality of dealers before you join the live baccarat. You can always find some reviews on the Internet.


Banking terms include the deposit, withdrawal, and the minimum/maximum of the stake on every round of live baccarat. You should select one with a standard that you can afford, otherwise you might empty your wallet too soon.


Since you will be playing live baccarat on the screen, the way you place the bets or interact with the dealer is to click the button on their interface. It’s better to choose one with simple functions if you are not so familiar with the live baccarat. Once you have more experience, then you can switch to an advanced one with more side bets or options on the screen.

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Live baccarat and digital online baccarat, which is better?

We cannot tell you which is the better, as it actually depends on players’ styles and flavour. If you prefer to play without a human dealer, then you should choose a digital one. However, we can tell you that most people who play with real cash prefer live baccarat. That is because it is thought the probability is fairer when the cards are dealt manually instead of using a digital program or the algorithm.

Therefore, people flock to the live baccarat when they play with real money, to get the closest experience to the real casino like being in Goa. Also if you like baccarat variations with extensive rules, you can find some around the different casinos online.

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