Baccarat Variations|4 Best Popular Baccarat Games

The traditional version of baccarat games is widely spread around the world over centuries. People always thought there’s no variation of baccarat, while there are actually several ones. This article is to introduce the baccarat variations, so that you may know more about this classic casino card game.

Mini Baccarat

Mini baccarat is the most popular version of this classic casino game. It is played on a small table with smaller minimums/maximums, being popular with more casual players, particularly those from Asia.

A mini-baccarat variation where even money is paid on winning banker bets (rather than 95%), except when the banker wins with 6, which pays only 50% of the bet. 

Most players enjoy mini baccarat for its fast-paced action and simplicity, so that they don’t need to do anything other than choose outcomes and place bets.

Punto Banco

Punto Banco is actually the major version of baccarat in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, Macau and other western-culture countries. This variation is even seen labeled simply as “baccarat.”

In Punto Banco, “Punto” means “Player” and “Banco” refers to “Banker.” It is dealt with 6 or 8 decks of cards shuffled together. A cut-card is placed in front of the 7th from the last card, and  the drawing of the cut-card indicates the last coup of the cards. In this baccarat variation, players don’t get to decide on the third card and it will be dealt anyway. The winner is announced by the croupier or the dealer.

Chemin de Fer

Chemin de Fer is the French version of baccarat games, though it’s an offshoot from Italy. This baccarat variation has a slight difference when compared with other variations.

Generally, it’s played with 6 decks of card, and the croupier only shuffles the card. Then the cards will be dealt by a player who is the “Banker.” All the players will take turns to be the banker, so the game may involve more active participation of the players. 

Also, the specialty of Chemin de Fer is the cards are dealt face down. The decision of drawing the 3rd card remains to the player. However, this baccarat variation is seldom played these days.

Baccarat Banque

In this baccarat variation, one of the players will be the dealer of the game. There will be less number of decks used–usually only 3 decks of cards shuffled together. The position of banker in this baccarat variation is more permanent compared to Chemin de fer, while you don’t have to take turns to be the dealer. For most situations, other players only bet on the player’s side. However, they can also challenge the banker by betting against them with a matching wager. If the player wins, they act as the bank in the next round.