8 Basic Baccarat Terminologies You Should Know

  1. Banco– Banco is a Spanish word that means financial institution or banker.
  2. Shed– This is a process wherein the first few cards (three to 6) are discarded. It typically occurs prior to a new round, after the shuffling has occurred.
  3. Down Card– Also called the hole card, it is the card kept facing down when dealt. The worth stays unseen to any individual at the table.
  4. La Grande– This is a French word that implies “The Big One”. It is the very best hand in Baccarat, that is, an all-natural nine.
  5. La Petite– Also a French word, La Petite implies “The Little One”. It describes a natural Baccarat hand totalling 8.
  6. All-natural– A card hand is all-natural when the first two dealt cards equal 8 or 9.
  7. Punto– This refers to the player
  8. Standoff– This is when the player as well as banker’s hands lead to a tie